UpSnap Audio for Windows Mobile Pocket PC

By UpSnap

Listen to your favorite music, get your daily horoscope, find out the joke of the day or check the latest sports updates!

Product Info

  • DeveloperUpSnap
  • Version1.0
Check out UpSnap Audio! Listen to your favorite music with tons of genres to choose from, including hip-hop, rock, country and more!
Get your daily horoscope and find out what the future holds, put a smile on your face with the joke of the day and live comedy, or check the latest sports updates, including scores, news, interviews and more!
All in one convenient location!


JAN 6, 2010

"Dont waste your time."

lie lie lie
JAN 11, 2010

"it is the biggest waste of time ever"

SEP 28, 2010

"for me, y. some may like, for me ... y?"

Supported Devices

Audiovox PPC 6600/PPC 6601/XV6600 (HTC Harrier)

Sprint Pocket PC 6700

Palm Treo 700w, Treo 700wx, Treo 750, Treo 800w, Treo Pro

HTC Mogul (6800), Touch , 8925/Tilt, Touch Diamond, Touch Pro, Touch Pro2, Touch Diamond 2, Touch 2, HD2 (Leo)

Samsung SCH-i830, I900, Omnia i910, i8000 Omnia 2, Intrepid

Sony Ericsson X1 (XPERIA)

Touch HD