Trivial Pursuit for Android


Play for the pursuit of happiness with TRIVIAL PURSUIT! Fill your "pie" with "wedges" in Classic mode or race to the finish in Pursuit mode.

Product Info

  • DeveloperEA
  • Version1.0
Now you can play this all-time favorite in 2 great modes. Fill your "pie" with "wedges" in Classic mode. Or use strategy to answer fast and reach the finish line first in new Pursuit mode.
Answer up to 1,000 questions on Entertainment, Geography, History and more. Customize your game by setting the number of wedges. Play against the game with 3 difficulty levels, or play with up to 4 friends with Pass 'n play.


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MAR 26, 2010

"It repeats the same questions every time I play."

Supported Devices

HTC G1, Hero, Droid Eris, Desire

T-Mobile MyTouch 3G, Pulse (U8220), MyTouch 3G Slide


Motorola Cliq/Dext, Backflip (MB300), i1, XPRT

Samsung Moment, Galaxy i7500, SPH-M910 (Intercept), M920 - Transform, Replenish

LG VS740 Ally, Optimus M MS690, LS670

Huawei M835, Express M650

ZTE Score M x500