Tetris Mania for Windows Mobile Smartphone


Indulge your puzzle-solving passion with Tetris Mania. This new spin on a timeless original includes 3 new compelling modes.

Product Info

  • DeveloperEA
  • Version1.0
Indulge your puzzle-solving passion! With THREE new game modes, Tetris Mania puts a new spin on the compelling original you know and love, making it the must-have mobile game.
  1. - Use gravity in Cascade mode to gain an avalanche of points
  2. - Join atomic blocks in Fusion mode to blast to the next level
  3. - Dig through increasingly high stacks of blocks in Sticky mode in order to clear the bottom line

  4. Engage in block-blasting fun wherever you are with new Tetris Mania for your Smartphone.


SEP 14, 2010


Supported Devices

Samsung Blackjack, Ace/SPH-i325, i617 Blackjack II, Code, i637 Jack

Motorola Motorola Q9, Motorola Q9c, Motorola Q9h

HTC Snap