MobileDB for Palm OS

By Handmark

Easily access and manage hundreds of data lists on your Palm OS device!

Product Info

  • DeveloperHandmark
  • Version4.1.4
Is the To-Do List and Memo Pad too limiting for your personal and business data? Now you can utilize MobileDB to access and manage hundreds of data lists on your Palm, Handspring or Sony PDA.
Use our MobileDB plug-ins to create data lists with Excel or Access. Then view, sort, filter, edit, share and manage the lists with MobileDB on your Palm OS device.
Transfer information to and from your PC. MobileDB includes MobileDB-PC to create, view and edit MobileDB databases on your PC. Import any comma separated or tab separated file into MobileDB-PC then save it as a MobileDB database! Use MobileDB-Excel,or MobileDB-Access to create or modify MobileDB databases directly from Microsoft Excel or Access.
Wirelessly download databases. Choose from more than 1,000 MobileDB databases to download and install on your Palm OS device!
Store and access databases. With MobileDB4, you can store and access MobileDB databases on your SD/MMC or Memory Stick expansion slot and set your color preferences for rows and headers.
Wirelessly print records. Use MobileDB4 with PrintBoy to wirelessly print your entire MobileDB database or selected records to your infrared-enabled or Bluetooth printer.
Call and email people via direct links. Call or email directly from a record containing a phone or email data type.
Choose from 7 data types. Data types include text, number, sequence, date, time, checkbox or list. You can export your date-related records to the Date Book and address records to the Address Book.


Indispensable tool for data management!
JUL 20, 2007

"I tried MobileBD with my first Palm. I have not been without it since. MobileDB is the only thing I added to my new Palm TX. It`s so simple and flexible, I can organize everything from inventory lists to health and medical logs. Once you learn the basics, it`s easy to design and manage your own data bases. As a Mac user, I really appreciate being able to edit on my Mac and print MobileDB files without needing any additional translating software. In a few words; powerful, practical and simple!"

mobile db
AUG 31, 2007

"using to better organize memo and to do list items. big time saver."

I really needed this!
SEP 22, 2007

"I am a quilter with a lot of tools and patterns. I am always finding something I really like and getting it to find out I had already bought it! So, when I found this program, I just had to have it and it has not let me down. I highly recommend this HIGH quality software, the other data bases you can down load for free are a plus to the purchase! Thank You!!"

Exceptional Product
DEC 11, 2007

"MobileDB has been an exceptional resource for my Palm. Flawless in execution, broad in available databases. I would recommend MobilDB to anyone with a PDA!"

Excellent fast database
JAN 25, 2008

"Great product for accessing a wide range of available free databases. I find it useful in my work as an engineer for holding reference data and conversion factors. Though you really need a PDA with a widescreen facility like the Palm Tungsten T3 to reduce the need to scroll horizontally. The one thing lacking in the palm is its lack of font support so you could use a smaller font and fit more data on a page."

I rate this product a 5
FEB 29, 2008

"I love it! I have yet to find another product that is easier to use and understand."

TV Guide
MAY 30, 2009

"Excellent and useful, accurate and up-to-date. Only complaint is that can only scroll down to see all programs in one time period, but cannot scroll sideways to see later programs on same station-must go to "search" and enter the time period separately."

Pilot My-Cast Plus
MAY 30, 2009

"I use Pilot My-Cast for more than flying and really depend on it."

5 Stars
JAN 20, 2011

"I have never found a better Database manager."

Supported Devices

Palm Treo 650, T|X, Treo 700p, Treo 680, Treo 755p, Centro