PinStack Mobile Reader for BlackBerry

By FreeRange360

Get immediate access to Smartphone news, reviews, discussions and help on major platforms. Download headlines and articles to your Smartphone from any source.

Product Info

  • DeveloperFreeRange360
  • Version2.5.6
Get anytime, anywhere access to Smartphone news, reviews, discussions and help on major platforms - RIM BlackBerry, Apple iPhone, Google Android, Windows Mobile, Nokia Symbian and Palm WebOS. The Mobile Reader downloads headlines and full-text articles to your BlackBerry so that you can read and other feeds, with or without a connection. Personalize tabs or add more RSS feeds to get all the stories you want!
You can save full-text articles for reading offline without a wireless connection. Other features include a customizable "My Keywords" tab to track news that's most important to you, a "My Feeds" tab to search and add RSS feeds from other sites and blogs and a "My PinStack" tab to filter forum updates to download only topics and device news that interest you.
The Mobile Reader application is free for download and free to use (depending on your data plan, standard carrier data charges may apply).
Product Features:
-Fast and NOT resource intensive.
-No restrictions on source of RSS feeds.
-Highly customizable.
-Always fresh with dynamically loaded content.


Solid app! Used daily for smartphone and all other news.
JUN 22, 2009

"This is a great app. Downloads and runs fast. Does exactly as advertised. Really powerful tool for accessing both smartphone and world content."

Great App
JUN 23, 2009

"I have been using this app for the past couple of months and love it....all my local newspaper feeds, pinstack news at my fingertips (and more) Well worth the download"

5 Stars
NOV 26, 2010

"Everything that they have to offer is well planned. I get the best results. "

Three Stars
NOV 29, 2010

"Three Stars"

nice and totally functional
JUL 18, 2011

"works like a charm> all these readers work and operate exactly the same>"

Pin Stack Reader
AUG 25, 2011

"Nice tool for handy info"

Supported Devices

BlackBerry 8700c, 8703e, 8100 Pearl, 8800, 8830, 8300 Curve, 8130 Pearl, 8320 Curve, 8820, 8330 Curve, 8120 Pearl, 8110 Pearl, 9000 Bold, 8350i, 8220 Pearl Flip, 9530 Storm, 8900 Curve, 8230 Pearl Flip, 9630 Tour, 8520, 9500 Storm, 9700 Bold, 8530 Curve, 9650 Bold, 9520, 9300 Curve, 9780, 9350