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PocketDoc First Aid Tool and Drug Guide for Windows Mobile Smartphone

By Pepid

A comprehensive first aid emergency response tool and drug guide that can assist you during a crisis until help arrives.

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  • DeveloperPepid
  • Version1.0

Written by experienced doctors and nurses, PocketDoc contains the most current and accurate first aid medical information available. From chest pains to allergic reactions, PocketDoc gives you instant medical information to identify and assess the situation. It contains a first aid manual, an outdoor survival guide, informataion on basic illnesses and tips to prevent emergencies.

Other PocketDoc features include high resolution illustrations for immediate visual references on procedures, poisonous plants and animals. The extensive drug guide and interaction generator allow you to check for any side effects associated with your medication. Check any combination of your medications, herbals or food products for negative interactions.

Nobody wants emergencies to happen, but they do. When a crisis occurs, you need to have the right answers to help you. PocketDoc contains accurate information that you need to help you through a critical situation, whether at home, on the road, or on a great outdoor adventure.

Included In PocketDoc:

  • 150 Medical Topics: Reference specific information for adults, children, and infants by topic, such as broken bones, abdominal pain, suspected heart attack or animal bites. Each topic will give you information on the symptoms, possible causes, and how to treat and respond to the specific issue.

  • Drug Database: Refer to our drug database when you need information about a specific medication, such as the symptoms addressed by the drug, how the drug should be properly stored, potential side effects, what to do about a forgotten dose, overdose management and the estimated cost. It includes complete information on 360 drug names, including prescription and over-the-counter drugs, as well as herbals, vitamins and minerals.

  • Drug Interactions Generator: The PocketDoc drug interactions generator allows you to select as many as 50 medications, herbals and food products to check for possible drug interactions. Each interaction is rated on a severity scale from 1 to 5, so you can see the seriousness of the effects and read an accompanying explanation to evaluate any existing or potential interactions.

  • Illustrations: PocketDoc contains more than 100 illustrations for you to reference as a visual picture before performing an emergency care procedure on an adult, child or infant - such as the Heimlich maneuver, mouth-to-mouth breathing, or stabilizing a broken bone based on the area of the break of fracture.

  • Test Results and Calculators: PocketDoc also includes results for common lab tests, such as blood chemistry and urinalysis, so you can see where you stand after receiving your lab test results. Metric conversion calculators are also included to make converting weight, distance, volume or temperature instant and accurate without the need to memorize formulas.


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Supported Devices

Motorola Motorola Q, Motorola Q9, Motorola Q9c, Motorola Q9h

Samsung Blackjack, Ace/SPH-i325, i617 Blackjack II, Code, i637 Jack

HTC Snap