Scrabble for Palm OS

By Handmark

Now you can play the world's most popular word game on your Palm OS device! The Handmark SCRABBLE Game for the Palm OS is designed to play just like the classic board game.

Product Info

  • DeveloperHandmark
  • Version1.2
Now you can play the world's most popular word game on your Palm OS device! The Handmark SCRABBLE Game for the Palm OS is designed to play just like the classic board game.

It utilizes a drag-and-drop tile placement interface, a built-in Official Scrabble Player's Dictionary and saves partially completed games to be continued at any time. Scrabble v1.1 now includes the full definition dictionary to view the definitions of each word as they are played!

Choose to play in either Friendly or Tournament mode. Friendly mode is like a casual family game where you can choose to accept or reject words not outside the standard rules. Friendly mode also allows the "Suggest Move" option displaying suggestions for your next move.

Choose the Tournament mode and you are playing by the classic Scrabble rules. Includes challenges that automatically check the built-in Official Scrabble Player's Dictionary!

Practice your SCRABBLE skills when you play against the automated computer opponent. Choose the skill level of your opponent: Beginner, Novice, Intermediate, or Expert.

Play against one, two or three opponents using one device and the Handmark SCRABBLE game will hide your tile rack from your opponents. Play against opponents using multiple devices with IR beaming or bluetooth! Study your tile rack while your opponents take their turn!


Scrabble for a trip
JUL 15, 2007

"Great way to help make a long trip seem shorter and to improve vocabulary."

Great Time Killer
JUL 25, 2007

"It is a fun game to help kill time easily when I am stuck somewhere because of work."

JUL 30, 2007

"Love the regular board game..addicted to the palm version. Its good to keep the mind stimulated."

AUG 4, 2007

"wraps up all the loose ends. excellent product"

great game
AUG 20, 2007

"this is a great game. i highly recommend it for anyone who likes to play Scrabble. it will improve your game play significantly. "

better than counting sheep
SEP 12, 2007

"I had trouble going to sleep at night, however after playing scrabble for 15 minutes I find myself drifting off with not trouble at all."

Like the real thing
SEP 12, 2007

"Much like the real game except your opponent (the computer) is oh sooo smart! Great challenge."

SEP 23, 2007

"Excellent product works as well as desktop model. Would like to be able to see number of wins and losses. "

SEP 25, 2007

"I really like the game except for the fact that there appears to be a lot of very uncommon, and possibly foreign, words in the dictionary. "

SEP 27, 2007

"the Best, makes you use your brain."

OCT 16, 2007

"Another top notch game for the Palm OS!!! The board is very realistic and the gameplay is superb. I only wish the board would `size to fit` screen."

NOV 9, 2007

"Awesome game on the go adds great quality time to my marriage. My husband and I play every time we go out together."

Great! Challenging, too!
NOV 26, 2007

"This is a very well thought out game... Playing against the computer is challenging... But playing against other people is truly terrific!"

DEC 5, 2007

"Software could be smarter, as I beat it consistently at the expert level, but it still teaches me new words!"

Scrabble lover
DEC 18, 2007

"The best way to relax anywhere is with a game of Scrabble on your palm. This is so cool and so much fun!"

DEC 31, 2007

"I have many games for my Palm and this is by far the best. Very entertaining and extremely easy to use. The associated dictionary is quite complete"

Good but difficult
JAN 4, 2008

"I must respect the person who always beats the software when they have it set to the EXPERT mode. I have it set to the beginner mode and I still lose. I don`t believe that words such as `natant`, `miotic`, `dyadic` and `airily` are novice or begginer words. It will definitly increase your vocabulary. Overall all a very good product but to me the levels of expertise of the computer are not accurate. "

Not bad but keep me busy
JAN 5, 2008

"it`s so tiny for a centro. And, hard to get the letters where ya wanted to go. Overall if it was easier to put the letters on board, I would enjoy the game alot more."

JAN 6, 2008

"I love it. It is fun to play with up to 4 people and being able to play anywhere. "

Love it
JAN 15, 2008

"Love this version of scrabble. Much easier than carrying around travel games and playing against the computer is entertaining. The suggest move is also handy but it tries to cheat when you use this to play against it. The dictionary is also not up to date as it will not accept zen. Then it puts an obscure word in that you don`t get to dispute that gives itself 70pts. I still manage to beat it 50% of the time at expert level."

A patsy
JAN 18, 2008

"Easy to use and plenty addicting. This one trades all 7 or none, has no hint of strategy. Dictionary lacks some obvious plurals."

JAN 22, 2008

"Graphics are good - games keep you on your toes. Hard to beat computer."

Marvelous Game
JAN 26, 2008

"I really enjoy playing this game when I`m out and about waiting for doctors (lots of game time) or other appointments. Good practice for playing with friends. Love it."

Love it, but it could be better
JAN 28, 2008

"I LOVE this wonderfully addictive game. I have just two reservations: one is that it hasn`t been updated to accept words such as blog and zine, both of which are in the 4th edition of the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary. Also, every now and then it allows Palm to play words NOT in that Dictionary (or any other, as far as I know), such as dling. Still, I recommend it very highly, and it works great on my TX."

great game
FEB 2, 2008

"This game is great in either solitaire form or using the bluetooth. Great to have in an airport with nothing to do!"

best game ever
FEB 9, 2008

"Terrific for the scrabbler-on-the-go. If you can`t get enough of scrabble and are on the go this game is for you. Will never be without this game, especially on long flights or waiting room visits."

FEB 12, 2008

"I`ve never been impressed with *any* kind of software as much as I am with Handmark Scrabble. No animated or froofy stuff - just pure Scrabble made electronic. If you can only buy one program for your pda/phone, make it this one."

Out of date but great
FEB 18, 2008

"Wow, I`d love it if you could customize the dictionary or if it came with the 4th edition dictionary. It seems to fail on many longer words i.e. skittered. Can wait for an update!"

great game
FEB 23, 2008

"This is a wonderful game, easy to use, my only complaint is that it plays words and I can`t find out what they mean. On some occassions the words were not in the Scrabble dictionary!!!"

Very user friendly to use.
MAR 24, 2008

"A very easy and absorbng game which eats into ones leisure time and leaves one satisfied and relaxed. "

Scrabble for Palm OS
MAR 26, 2008

"Love this game, both my husband and I use it everyday. However, it really needs an update so the game can be played at a more difficult level. Recommend it and awaiting an upgrade developers!!"

great fun!
APR 2, 2008

"Enjoy this very much. Wish the dictionary was more thorough, but otherwise, excellent."

APR 20, 2008

"I`m totally addicted. I`m almost 45 and it`s ONLY flaw seems to be the dictionary... Words I`ve NEVER heard of are played by the "palm" and words I HAVE heard of are not in the dictionary."

Love it!!!!
JUN 21, 2008

"It`s GREAT!!! But desperately needs to be updated with 4th edition Official Players Scrabble Dictionary. "

great detail
JUL 4, 2008

"I am amazed at the screen quality on my Z22; detail is very clear for a game that has tiny squares and letters."

Highly Addictive!!
JUL 7, 2008

"I`ve had the game for about 8 months and am totally hooked! I agree with other reviewers that the computers skill levels are inaccurate, and the dictionary needs updating. Some stats per player name would be awesome! "

Could Be Better
AUG 6, 2008

"This Scrabble game is fun, but it has a few flaws. Occasionally it rejects valid words or plays a nonsense word. The dictionary is out of date. The game itself is just too easy. Sure, the program has access to plenty of words, but its strategy is often so poor that it presents no challenge."

My Favorite Palm Game
AUG 11, 2008

"You will never get tired of this game. My family and I spend hours while traveling or at home being entertained by this game. It`s probably the best Palm game you will purchase and it`s just like the board game."

Great Fun
AUG 21, 2008

"When riding the train for an hour or getting ready for bed, this game is excellent. I don`t spend money for nothing i do not have to, but I spent money for this. And it is very challenging and keeps my brain active.I love it and you will too. Play it all on my PDA. No big bulky board, loose tiles or anything. "

AUG 17, 2009

"This is a great product, that will continue to test my mind."

New Scrabble Fan
AUG 20, 2009

"I can not recall playing scrabble before this product - already I am an avid fan - exceptional design and format, excellent speed, flexible options -"

Great game
SEP 6, 2009

"I enjoy your version of scrabble very much. Only one complaint I can`t cheat. Thanks"

Almost perfect
OCT 31, 2009

"It appears that this uses a previous version of OSPD, which rather limits its usability. However, it does provide for allowing words -- though not for adding words to the dictionary. The documentation is very sparse, and requires a little trial and error. Still, it`s the best Scrabble for on-the-go, and certainly worth $10."

Easier than the real thing
JAN 24, 2010

"All the features without the hassle. Does not let you make an invalid word which is sort of cheating but its fun anyway. Choice of opponent levels and game difficulty"

game review
JUN 11, 2010

"100% fun..i cant be without it!"

Utterly Fantastic
DEC 26, 2010

"I`m using this on a TREO 700 and a TREO 650 so my girlfriend and I can play using the bluetooth connection. Haven`t had any problems at all with it. Love it!"

Supported Devices

Palm Treo 650, T|X, Treo 700p, Treo 680, Treo 755p, Centro