Monopoly for Palm OS

By Handmark

Now you can play the world's most popular property trading game on your Palm device!

Product Info

  • DeveloperHandmark
  • Version1.2.3
Now you can play the world's most popular property trading game on your Palm device and experience the thrill of owning it all right in the palm of your hand! Buy, sell, rent, and auction property with up to 4 players!
It's just like the classic board game. If you have ever played the classic board game, then you'll immediately know how to play on your Palm device! The Monopoly game for Palm OS includes the ability to auction properties, buy and sell houses and hotels, mortgage and unmortgage properties and even set up complex trades with other players.
Play against the computer or other people. Practice your Monopoly skills at any time by playing against as many as 3 computer opponents with 8 different "identities" and playing styles. Or you can mix any combination of real people and computer players in any game.
Let the game keep score. The computer plays the role of the "Banker" so it automatically, accurately, and completely scores every player, every play and every game.
Download the trial version below and start building your Monopoly today!


AUG 25, 2007

"I love it. It helps on long plane rides."

Love it
OCT 13, 2007

"No one would ever play Monopoly with me when I was growing up so this is great to be able to play it when I want. If you like Monopoly you will love this!"

OCT 16, 2007

"I am very, very surprised that Handmark was able to pack in so much realism and fun. I just love the gameplay, the animation and of course, the scoring. It is so simple to view your landholdings and cash on hand. It`s the closest play to the original PB game."

Great game
OCT 18, 2007

"Better then the board game.Very fast play.Kids love it."

OCT 24, 2007

"Never truly understood the rules as a I own the world! So realistic and fast is wonderful."

Monopoly on the Treo is the greatest!!!
NOV 7, 2007

"I love the fact that you don`t have to keep up with the money, etc. The computer does it all for you!!!"

Great game
NOV 24, 2007

"quick, and fast."

Love it!!
NOV 27, 2007

"for any fans of monopoly, this is a wonderful way to pass the time when you`re stuck somewhere and want a bit of nostalgia. However, beware of the cut-throat computer...he`s brutal!"

DEC 11, 2007

"This game is fun and can entertain you when you are stuck in traffic or at the airport. But the only annoying thing is that the computer cheats!!! I mean they offer crazy trades to one another and accept them, but they are always trying to screw you over. ALL in all a good game."

Great program
DEC 12, 2007

"Great program. Still play it all the time and the kids enjoy it, too. You can play a whole game in less than 20 minutes if it`s just one human and three computer players. The only drawback is that the computer will always trade for $101 more than the value of the property. There`s no guesswork or logic on the part of the computers. They will always sell you a property if they don`t have a monopoly yet. Other than that, I LOVE the program!"

DEC 18, 2007

"I play @ least two times a day :-0"

i like it
DEC 19, 2007

"really just like the board game"

great fun
JAN 9, 2008

"Great Fun, just like the board game. you will become an addict every chance you get promise. "

Monopoly for palm
FEB 6, 2008

"Great my favorite game on my handheld fulfilled all expectations can now play on the move."

MAR 6, 2008

"Excelent adaptation of this classic"

Will keep you busy!
MAR 7, 2008

"I love the product. I program the game to play with two computer people. I love going against the computer."

Great fun!
MAR 21, 2008

"I have a wonderful time with this Monopoly game. It`s just like the real thing but doesn`t take all night!"

APR 5, 2008

"I love this game, it is addicting. It is very similar to playing the table game. "

Great translation!
JUL 18, 2008

"This is a wonderful translation of the board game to a PDA. The only negative thing is the way the computer players trade. If a computer player needs one of your properties to make a monopoly, they will only offer you a few more dollars than it`s actually worth. But if you try and trade them for a property that you need to make a monopoly, they won`t do it. I`ve even offered as much as $10,000 and they still wouldn`t do it. Other than that, it`s a great game!"

Nice to Have
AUG 4, 2008

"I wish all 2+ player games had the option of bluetooth connectivity. The wife and I sit on the couch sometimes and play this game. Wish there were more monopoly game pieces to choose from."

It may have some improvement
AUG 12, 2008

"Its really good, but I think there may need some improvement. If modern life elements could be added in those games it may be more interesting. "

Predictable -- Win 95% of time
OCT 21, 2008

"Game is accurate to board + common accelary rules. It is addicting but very predictable. Force the computer to spend all of its cash and you can buy properties for pennies on the dollar. Buy small properties and let computer waste money on large properties -- just keep it from getting a Monopoly."

5 Stars
JUL 30, 2010

"5 Stars"

It`s very addictive !!!
AUG 30, 2010

"I know this game program since I`ve purchased it when it saw the first light (then I got a Cassiopeia). I have no doubt that this version for Palm will follow the winning steps of its predecessors. And now I will play another game... bye!"

Supported Devices

Palm Treo 650, T|X, Treo 700p, Treo 680, Treo 755p, Centro