Arcade Reality for Palm OS

By Toyspring

With the help of your Treo camera, Arcade Reality turns your surroundings into a virtual war zone. Shoot aliens as they fly through your world.

Product Info

  • DeveloperToyspring
  • Version1.2

Tired of killing feeble aliens on tiny screens? Ready for a real challenge?

Then fight hostile creatures in the real world with Arcade Reality.

How is this possible? Imagine a device that works like night vision goggles. A device that detects out-of-this-world objects. By using your Treo's camera, Arcade Reality brings aliens to your world. So don't be surprised to see aliens flying around your living room or wherever else you happen to go!

NEW! Customize the aliens. With Arcade Reality version 1.2, you can change the look of the aliens - and it is as simple as taking a photo. Now any everyday object can become your enemy in the game!!

Customized alien pictures are grouped into Alien Sets. You can switch between different sets by selecting them from the list. Alien sets can be transferred between devices by beaming, Bluetooth or email.

Product Features:

  • Arcade Reality - features bonus levels and precision-scored first-person player shooting.

  • Infinite Shooter - features simple first-person player shooting without sophisticated goals. Just kill everything that moves.

  • Asteroids Mode - features a 3-D version of this well-known game. Steering the spaceship is like maneuvering a remote-controlled toy. Figure out which side is left or right depending on the current orientation.

  • Rich sound effects and background music

  • 7 alien types and special "boss characters"

  • Power-ups (rockets, shields and more)

  • Hall of Fame


JUL 6, 2007

"This might be the coolest game I have ever played. You shoot aliens in your living room! I took this out with me and I didn`t see my phone for an hour because everyone wanted to play it. Too cool."

SEP 25, 2007

"this is really cool one of the better games out there so far "

Supported Devices

Palm Treo 650, Treo 700p, Treo 680, Treo 755p, Centro