Fight Night Round 4 for Android


The world's biggest, baddest boxing game is back for round 4. With 3D graphics and slick new moves, fight the greatest boxing legends of all time!

Product Info

  • DeveloperEA
  • Version1.0
Customize your own fighter and bob and weave through mini-games. Build up your skills to improve your boxing career in Heavy Bag and Weightlifting Mode.
Land a perfectly timed Flash KO and YOU could be the next Ultimate Boxing Champion of the World. You're only one clean punch away from VICTORY!


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Supported Devices

HTC G1, Hero, Droid Eris, Desire


Motorola Cliq/Dext, i1, XPRT

Samsung Moment, Galaxy i7500, SPH-M910 (Intercept), M920 - Transform, Replenish

LG VS740 Ally, Optimus M MS690, LS670

T-Mobile Pulse (U8220), MyTouch 3G Slide

Huawei M835, Express M650

ZTE Score M x500