BBSmart HTML Email Viewer for BlackBerry

By BBSmart

Transform your email with this Award-Winning, Best-Selling BlackBerry application! View HTML emails instead of just plain text! See smileys, images, colors and more!

Product Info

  • DeveloperBBSmart
  • Version2.3
Join the Blackberry Email Revolution!
BBSmart Email Viewer will transform the way you read email! View HTML emails like you've never seen them before! See smileys, images, colors and more. Regain control of your email today!
  • Improve the look and readability of all your emails. Never miss an important detail!
  • See images embedded in your email.
  • Reduces large, unreadable hyperlinks.
  • Express yourself with real graphic smileys.
  • Completely customizable. Change the background color, font size, style, and color to see emails exactly how you want.
  • No setup fuss. No pain. It Just Works!
  • Complete integration with the existing email program.
  • Add email as tasks and to your calendar (OS 4.2 or higher only).
  • NEW! Tag your emails with SmartNotes!
  • NEW! Customizable email headers for all your email accounts.
  • NEW! Advanced Email Templates! Instantly insert your business email signature, phone number, etc. Anything you want!


What a difference
NOV 1, 2007

"There is a slight delay in loading emails but it is worth it. The results are much more readable, emails addresses and links are better presented. You can customize the fonts and background colours among others things. You can also add emails as a task or calendar entry. Surprised I survived without it for so long."

NOV 20, 2007

"I love it! Finally my emails aren`t a hassel to try to read while on the go. What`s the point in swimming through links trying to find information? View your emails like they are intended to be viewed! "

BB Smart view
DEC 21, 2007

"This is exactly what I wanted for my blackberry curve,it works perfectly with my device images are clear. GOOD BUY"

BBSmart Email Viewer Rocks
JAN 12, 2008

"Man, this is a great program, all emails are great now, love it"

Very nice!
APR 4, 2008

"Pretty unbelievable piece of software. Does exactly what it advertises, and does it well. The slight lag in loading messages is more than worth the wait. Works very well on my 8130. Nicely Done!E"

APR 16, 2008

"Great product, very happy with the purchase as it does exactly what I need it to do."

APR 22, 2008

"It`s so nice seeing my email, just like I see it on my desktop."

JUL 8, 2008

"DOES NOT WORK WITH SOFTWARE V4.5. THEY HAVE NO INTENTION OF RELEASING AN UPDATE FOR IT EITHER. It is an awesome program if you have an older blackberry........."

AUG 3, 2008

"Don`t think twice about this. Like night and day the difference in viewing your emails."

Awesome Program!
SEP 27, 2008

"This is an awesome program. When I first got my BB 8330 I was disappointed at how the emails looked but then I came across this program and it works exactly as described. I highly recommend this program. Makes reading emails 100% better. Great purchase"

Next best thing to buying the Storm
DEC 25, 2008

"If you cannot or don`t want to upgrade to the storm but want "normal" looking emails, this is for you. Absolutely a great tool and it makes reading the emails soooooo much nicer. A bit pricey but you get what you pay for I guess."

Supported Devices

BlackBerry 8700c, 7100i, 8100 Pearl, 8800, 8830, 8300 Curve, 8130 Pearl, 8310 Curve, 8320 Curve, 8820, 8330 Curve, 8120 Pearl, 8110 Pearl, 8350i, 9300 Curve