Monkey Business Live Wallpaper for Android

By Access Lane

Monkin' around.

Product Info

  • DeveloperAccess Lane
  • Version1.0
Go bananas this adorable monkey live wallpaper. Tap the monkey to make her jump or do a backflip! Tap on screen to have a monkey drop down and eat a banana.

Includes settings for:
- Choose to show or hide monkey that pops out from edge of screen
- Choose how often monkey should popout

TO USE: Home -> Menu -> Wallpaper -> Live Wallpapers

Live Wallpapers are NOT SUPPORTED on all phones, please check for the Live Wallpapers menu on your phone (see the TO USE section regarding how to check for this menu).


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Supported Devices

Motorola Droid, Droid X

HTC Desire, Droid Incredible, EVO 4G

Huawei Ascend M860, M835, Ascend M860 TapOut

LG Optimus M MS690, LS840 Cayman, LS696 Indy

Samsung Galaxy Tablet P1000, Admire R720