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USA TODAY Quick Cross Crossword Monthly Subscription for BlackBerry

By uClick

Solve the same crossword puzzles that appear in USA TODAY!

Product Info

  • DeveloperuClick
  • Version1.0
Solve 2 challenging puzzles each day - a Crossword Puzzle and a Quick Cross Puzzle! A Quick Cross Puzzle is a 4x4 crossword that you play ACROSS and DOWN at the same time. Daily Crossword is the same 15x15 puzzle you'll find in USA TODAY.
These puzzles feature intuitive and easy-to-use zoom, solver and scoring features. As the week progresses, puzzles will become more challenging.
In addition to playing daily puzzles, you will have full access to the puzzle archives. So, go ahead. Get Quick Cross Crossword and track your scores, beat your best times, and engage your word power!


USA Today - Quick Cross Crossword
JUL 21, 2008

"I`m a software and crossword pro and I love them. This is a solid game that does what it promises. The user interface is simple, other features such as solve word, solve cell and show errors are fun and useful. At around $4.00, it`s well worth the price. I highly recommend this software."

Supported Devices

BlackBerry 8700c, 7100i, 8703e, 8100 Pearl, 8800, 8830, 8300 Curve, 8130 Pearl, 8310 Curve, 8320 Curve, 8820, 8330 Curve, 8120 Pearl, 8110 Pearl, 8350i, 9300 Curve