SnapperMail Standard Edition for Palm OS

By Snapperfish Ltd.

Mobilize your office with SnapperMail. Brings Desktop-class email power to your Palm.

Product Info

  • DeveloperSnapperfish Ltd.
  • Version2.3.7.01
SnapperMail 2 breaks new ground in wireless email by bringing Desktop-class email power to your Palm. Wirelessly access your email anytime and anywhere.
Simple Navigation Mode: Navigate email messages the same way you use your phone - with your finger. Our unique finger navigation mode allows simple on-screen navigation. The scrollbar automatically expands to meet your finger if you touch a region nearby.
Native Attachment Support: SnapperMail's ground-breaking attachment technology works with email attachments in native format. Attachments can be attached/saved to your memory card or opened with a myriad of partner applications. View faxes, edit Microsoft Office documents, send photos, install applications and much more.
You Have Mail: Take full control by manually checking your email. Skip large or unwanted messages in real-time. Or switch to Auto Delivery, drop your phone in your pocket and have SnapperMail beep you when messages arrive.
No Limits: No Size Limits, No Folder Limits, No Account Limits. Why have limits? With SnapperMail, break free of the limits with the only wireless email application that has no limits on message size, message storage, folders or email accounts.
Full-Screen Editing: Here at the SnapperMail labs, our favorite joke is the "snow-goggle view composer" found in most Palm OS email applications. We conducted a detailed usability study on a randomly-selected sample of mobile mail users. This study revealed the average mobile mail user does not wear snow-goggles. Thus, SnapperMail supports full-screen editing that maximizes screen space. SnapperMail scrolls the message header off the top of the screen once you're done with it. Smart. Try SnapperMail today and join the growing number of mobile mail users who are leaving their snow-goggles at home.


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Supported Devices

Palm Treo 650, T|X, Treo 700p, Treo 680, Treo 755p, Centro