Backgammon for Palm OS

By Handmark

You'll have hours of fun as you attempt to beat your stealthy computer opponent in this authentic backgammon game.

Product Info

  • DeveloperHandmark
  • Version5.1
You'll have hours of fun as you attempt to beat your stealthy computer opponent in this authentic backgammon game. In Handmark Backgammon, you experience the challenge and exhilaration of playing this all-time favorite against your handheld! In order to win you must move all 15 of your checkers into your own inner board and then bear them off before your opponent does. Handmark Backgammon also features the ability to set the level of difficulty by player, playing with or without the doubling cube and the Crawford Rule. We are sure you'll find Backgammon is a classic game of luck and skill with wide appeal.


JUL 7, 2007

"Although I consider myself to be a moderate to expert backgammon player, I found this game`s "expert" level to be rediculously difficult to impossible. The dice roll far too often in the computer`s favor. Yes, the computer gives you a few wins, but the computer`s rolls are overwhelmingly beyond random chance. "

Best of Backgammon Games
JUL 10, 2007

"I play the easy to medium levels and find this version the best I`ve ever bought. Yes, the computer often gets a ridiculous amount of doubles but not as many as other Backgammon games I`ve purchased. I love this game and will always have it on all my PDAs. It`s challenging and lots of fun. And I beat it four to one. I like those odds."

No challenge
AUG 28, 2007

"The computer accepts every double. Enough said. Otherwise, it`s still a good time-passer."

Computer Wins Often
SEP 21, 2007

"I have been playing Backgammon since I was little and I usually win against people...but this game cheats. It always gets that perfect roll of the dice...hmmmm. But it is fun to play even still. "

Very good game
NOV 4, 2007

"I play a lot of backgammon. This is the best computer backgammon game that I have played. It is a challenge on expert mode. But I still win about 75% of the matches. I highly recommend it."

JAN 7, 2008

"Easy to play, easy to see graphics. I love the game and love the software! Thanks Handmark!"

SEP 21, 2008

"The product is fun, however, particularly near the end-game, and when the user`s piece is on the bar, it generates favorable rolls of the dice for itself, and unfavorable for the user. Had to drop down to the Beginner level for a chance to win, and it was still cheating terribly. Developers need to re-write the code, because who wants to play a game if it`s not fair?"

SEP 27, 2009

"I finally deleted this game from my device. It cheats in the following ways: it splits counts like dice are 2 and 5 and it moves pieces 6 and 1, sometimes even more or sometimes less, whatever works to make it win; Many times I find myself kicked off the board when I didn`t have a piece open/uncovered. I thought this was freeware, but since I see I paid money for it, I am going to seek my money back. It`s THAT bad."

Palm Zire 71 Backgammom
OCT 25, 2010

"This is my favorite game!!! You can set preferences to increase skill level as you progress. Keeps score, statistics and allows move undos. `Help` provides how to play instructions. Fun game that develops your strategy skills."

Supported Devices

Palm Treo 650, T|X, Treo 700p, Treo 680, Treo 755p, Centro